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            SERVICE HOTLINE13480180918
            Please feel relaxed and call us if you need the perfect drinking machine maintenance service.
            28 years' experience in R & D innovation
            Thanks the following customers for choosing us
            WHY US
            Providing healthy drinking water for human beings is the ultimate goal of our efforts.
            A survey of the WHO
            • 80%
              80% of the disease is related to water
            • 50%
              More than 50% of the drinking water is unsafe
            • 50%
              50% children's deaths are related to poor drinking water quality
            • 50%
              Water pollution events in environmental events are as high as 50%
            • 765
              765 kinds of harmful organic pollutants in drinking water
            • 50 million
              50 million children die every year because of the water quality problem
            • ?
              Is the water you drink now safe?
            • BRAND STRENGTH

              Focus on drinking water equipment for 28 years, the product is widely used in airport and hospital.

              All open system ,no pressure hot cylinder, comply with the latest regulations, use at ease.

              Cold, warm and hot water are all boiled before dispense to ensure low bacteria cunt.

            • HONOR STRENGTH

              The product specification is complete, the price is reasonable, the quality has won the ISO9001 authentication, the product national standard passes through the inspection.

              "Logo, SGS certification, 3C certification, environmental labeling certificate, 4000 product liability Book and other awards


              The products are all passed through the Inspection Bureau's household electrical appliances Safety general rule CNS3765, electromagnetic compatibility EMC and product national standard inspection.

              Large projects can directly invite senior experts to participate in the whole process.


              The products are fully covered from household to commercial and public places drinking water

              According to the budget requirements of the project, make a qualified high, middle and low profile product line matching plans

            Careful service of professional teams
            • CONSULTANCY
              As required by the customers ,according to the water quality and climate,help customers to select the product selection,field survey,overall planning,and increase and decrease the capacity and specifications of the products.
              The sale of products within one year warranty and lifetime technical services,we make a period of filter replacement by customer's water consumption,and provide replacement service.
              The company provides investigation and design of installed fields according to different demands of customer, to ensure that hydropower construction meet national standards in the construction process.
              Customer who originally purchased the product can enjoy free technical services for life.As long as product is still within our service ,we can also home repair and maintenance.
              According to the water consumption,number of people and environment of customer,provide the best solution for our clients.Don't energy-saving ,environmental protection.
            Professional drinking water service providers for large international airports and public places.
            < >
            Won the international NSF certification, Taiwan fine silver sure
            ABOUT US

            SHENZHEN HEZHENG DRINKING WATER EQUIPMENT CO., LTDspecializes in the design,development , production and sales of drinking water equipment.Our products range includes commercial and household water dispenser ,water boiler,RO water purifier and related accessories. By the consitet commitment in quality improvement andinnovative business vision,we has won its repution in industry, built up a stablecustomer pool among the list are major international airport, hospital, univ...[Learn more]

            Provide you with the latest news
            1.Unplug the water cooler from the wall ,and remove the bottle . Make sure there's no other electronics plugged into the same outlet,or ne...
            Writing in Food, Yearbook of the U.S., Departmentof Agriculture, 1959, Dr. Oaf Michelsen of the National Institute of Health,tells us: Next...
            I want to consult "We care about your drinking water"
            —— Tips: Please leave your name and contact information
            • 13480180918

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